A pastoral vulnerability assessment is an expert service designed to predict levels of predation. The aim is to carry out a precise analysis of the circumstances in order to find the best approach and protection methods for the operation or area in question.

Depending on the context and the requirements, this personalised assessment may involve the use of specialised equipment such as thermal cameras (long distance) and video camera traps. These tools allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of measures used to combat predators on the ground, and to identify the potential causes of any gaps in the protection system.

This is a service for livestock farmers who are facing predation for the first time and those who are aware of the issue, having already suffered losses.

It is carried out in collaboration with managers, landowners, livestock farmers, and shepherds.

Identifying the context, the farming system, the stakeholders involved and the area

Assessment of the presence of predators and levels of predation

Analysis of pastoral management and the features of the area in terms of predation

Analysis of the resources available for preventing attacks

Action plan aimed at reducing the risk of predation