Cistole, protection des troupeaux.

Cistole is a dynamic and independent new business dedicated to livestock protection. Our mission is to provide support for farmers and shepherds in order to limit stock losses due to predation. Our work centres around putting in place protective measures, and monitoring their effectiveness in order to keep making improvements and adjustments. At Cistole we are currently working in various mountainous and lowland areas, putting our knowledge into practice.

At Cistole we have developed our knowledge and skill by working on the ground and meeting people in various regions in France and abroad.

This experience helps us to understand exactly what is involved in putting in place protective measures, and means that we can offer appropriate, personalised solutions in a spirit of exchange.


Cyril PREVENT, head of Cistole

I grew up in a farming environment : my parents are transhumant shepherds and sheep farmers so sheep, dogs, and wolves have always been part of my life ! I was 16 years old when I experienced a wolf attack on the flock for the first time, and it made me determined to protect the sheep.

After completing a science-based ‘bac’ (A-level equivalent), I taught myself about tracking wolves and observing their predatory behaviour towards domesticated animals.

I have also been working as a shepherd in order to improve my understanding of sheep-farming and working in predation zones. Managing and protecting the livestock involved working with guardian dogs to establish basic training and teach them how to work with the sheep on a daily basis.

In order to improve protection methods, I started filming at night, observing the wolves’ behaviour when in contact with the sheep, and the dogs’ behaviour when faced with wolves. In 2021 I decided to shift my focus to the wider issues and set up my own company.

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